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Meeting Friends On Tour

My favorite stories from our time as a band are meeting so many amazing people along the way. Jordan in Virginia that held onto my shirt for a year after I forgot it there until the next time we came through. Chandler in Florida who let us swim in his pool in the middle of the night. Nathan from Lincoln who we met because him and Ryan were both wearing a Title Fight hoodie at a show. Magda from Poland that we met because she was taking a photo of our North Dakota license plate in New York City. Aaron in Denver that runs the best DIY venue in the country. Nnamdi in Chicago that let us stay in his loft where we climbed the roof and saw the beautiful skyline. Dallas from Long Island who has given us a place to stay several times. BJ in Springfield who we ate bottomless fries with at Red Robin until they closed down the restaurant.

Most importantly our tour family, Diana, Byron, Erin and Kyle. They have housed us and fed us for over ten years and they truly feel like part of all of our families.


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