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Y'all come back now...

It was January 2013, and we were in the South. We had been down south for probably the better part of a week by this point. We had come down through Kentucky and the Carolinas to Florida, and over to Mobile Alabama. That’s where this story will take place.

I remember the drive over from Florida was long, but we were rushing to get to this show we hopped on. We had to hop on because the venue for our show was hit by a tornado. We found a pretty stacked Metalcore show, and I don’t want to say what bands were playing because this story is about the headliners.

We were touring with a solo acoustic artist, and it was decided he wasn’t going to play. We still wanted to play, and they offered us a slot on the lineup, so we graciously accepted. We are not a Metalcore band, but we came about right around when Metalcore was taking off so we’ve always been surrounded by it. We are use to being the odd man out on a bill, we think it benefits us more than it may hurt us.

There were probably 5-6 bands on this bill including us, and the headliner was a bigger level band, with a big following so there were a lot of people at this show. This venue was larger, it could fit maybe 700-800 people. There was a balcony that overlooked the stage, it was sick. The show was going well, we had played excellent, we had a fill in bass player and even he kicked ass that night. All of us were fired up. The last band was playing and all of a sudden the whole band stops playing and starts to fucking fight this other band that had played that night!

The story was that this other band, not the headliners, was on the balcony, spitting down on this headlining band. We didn’t see that happening even though a few of us were in the balcony when all this shit went down. A couple of us were at the bar next to the stage and had the whole thing happen right in front of them!

We love the South. We love the sweet tea, we love Waffle House, we love the weather, we love the people. We haven’t been back to Mobile since, but not for the lack of trying. We will be back, we always want to go south from Fargo. Anyway, thank you for reading. I’ll keep writing these little stories as I remember them.

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