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Who The F*** Played ENYA?!

Back in January of 2018, we played at a bar in Portland, Maine for the first time. A couple of our first impressions were having to set our merch up on an antiquated hospital stretcher and some dude walking up to our guitar player Jack, and telling him, ‘You are a great band, but that promo video you put online sucked.’ It was just an overall interesting vibe. Anyway, as I was walking back toward the merch stretcher, I noticed there was enough credits on the TouchTunes machine for one song, so I took it upon myself to play ‘Only Time’ by Enya and quickly run away from the jukebox. About 5 seconds later, I hear some dude angrily yell, ‘oh, who the F*** played ENYA?!’ followed by some very loud chatter from other patrons. Definitely got a kick out of that.


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