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The glory of the goose.

So this story takes place around 2014. At this point, I had graduated from fill in to full blown member of Baltic (thanks again for the chance, boys!) And we were on the east Coast. I had recently been out in the Richmond area for a fest called united blood and experienced WaWa for the first time. Fast forward a few months and we're coming out of New York (no Wawa) into New Jersey (Wawa territory). I had been hyping up WaWa to the lads and we came over the bridge from NYC and there it was: flying high and proud in the sky. The Goose! I was so stoked (understatement, trust me) jack was driving at the time, and I just kept shouting "pull over, pull over!" So, as soon as Jack could he pulled in, but it wasn't soon enough for me. I wish I could say I was exaggerating when I tell you that I jumped out of the van as it was still moving and ran through the parking lot, got on my hands and knees and kissed the ground. To any readers who may not know, WaWa is a small chain of gas stations in several east coast states, and Florida. Their logo is also a goose! They have a line of their own beverages and food options for any diets. The guys had never been before this tour, and we each bought 2-4 half gallons of different beverages and filled underneath the seats for the rest of the tour. Sorry this was a little longer of a reason, but it is a memory that always brings me alot of joy.

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