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In & Out SLC

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Being from the Midwest means we miss out on a lot of well known restaurants, stores or other places and things. One thing we were really excited for was In & Out. This story isn’t about our first In & Out trip, but rather one of our last, inconsequently.

Salt Lake City, Utah is a big city, and we were excited to check it out. What is it known for? Not much, a giant salt lake, mormons and the movie Salt Lake City Punk. We learned they had an In & Out in town so naturally we needed to scope it out. It was summer 2012, it was hot, it was late and we were partying. We got to In & Out and one of the members of the party, not in our band, had drank an entire gallon jug of red wine in a short amount of time. He was basically passed out when they arrived to In & Out, so he waited in the van for us.

We emerged from the restaurant with our bellies full, our spirits lifted and ready to find a place to crash and hit the road in the morning. When we got to our vans we discovered that our friend had become sick and vomited all over the other band’s van and, of course, all over himself. We had problems that needed immediate action so we asked the In & Out staff if we could just use their hose to wash down our friend and the van. They responded by supplying us with an empty (and clean) garbage can, soap, fresh clothes for our friend and an In & Out paper hat.

While we were cleaning everything up, the incapacitated party member awoke and was ready to party, in a parking lot, covered in puke. He was lit up, and yelling names like “ADAAAAAMMMM!!!!!” and “ TOUCHE AMORE!!!!!” and I still can’t believe the In & Out staff were so kind to our dumb drunk selves.

We cleaned up our friend, kissed his forehead goodnight and saw him the next morning and he was as good as new and barely remembering the events from the night before.


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